Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shopping Pleasure

"It's a beautiful day... the sun is shinning... why not take the hour and fifty minute drive to Pittsburgh and shop at Ikea?" said she.

"After all there are always sales going on there" she added.

"If we can go to this woodworking store afterward I've been wanting to see" he replied.

"We need new cushions... a couple lamps... a vase or two... some more candles... and you said we could get that white chair for the family room the next time we came... right?" she eagerly told him.

"Yes dear... as long as I can go to the woodwork store" he consented.

"Let's pay for this and get it in the car... you measured it right, didn't you?" he asked.

Well... I needed one more picture here, but was so busy trying to get the dog-gone chair into the car I didn't have time. Guess I didn't measure right... thank the Lord for bungee cords. Had to ride back at a much slower pace with the trunk open. And my darling hubby wouldn't take the extra time to find the woodworking store and never said a word of complaint. He is such a gem, ladies. I hope you are all as blessed as I am. I really owe him.

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Lorraine said...

I love IKEA! It's always an adventure. And I know just what you went through packing up. We went from a family van to a small SUV and it never ocurred to us that there would be less room!

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