Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Master's Pens

I haven't posted any of the Penmaker's work for awhile.
He has made some real beauties, but my old camera just doesn't do them justice. Definitely need a new one... sometime. (It's on the list after Tim Holtz Dies)
Also in these photos are a couple of my 1800's ink bottles. I
had a collection of them at the time I had my Civil War book business. I kept about a dozen of the best ones. The colors are magnificent and they are all a different shape. Love the old stuff!


June Houck said...

That penmaker is awesome :) I am so glad you share these beautiful pens with us!

Karen B. said...

He sure is a master!

Stella said...

Your penmaker is amazingly talented. These are masterpieces! Wow!

Love your ink bottles too; gorgeous colors!

Jani said...

Love the way the shell casings are used. Beautiful work.

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