Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Eeyore Wall Hanging

Kids, grandchildren, and my eBay store... my excuses for not posting. Truthfully, that's it!
This morning we met our daughter, Sarah, her husband and their two youngest for our weekly free donut and coffee visit at Walnut Creek Cheese (view from the back balcony above). We get to sit and chat, catch up on what's going on, then do our weekly grocery shopping. It makes spending money for food a lot more enjoyable. We've been doing this for a number of years now, however we slack off during the summer months because of tourists. The store just gets too busy then.

Adelaide's third birthday was this past week, and instead of a card, I did this wall hanging for her. I found this paper over a year ago and kept meaning to make her something with it. We've watched Winnie the Pooh numerous times over these years she's been with us, and I know that Eeyore is one of her favorite characters. So now was the time to create a project that she can hang in her room.

When we watch the movie, we always sing the songs together. Life doesn't get any better than this... sharing it with grandchildren.

And by the way... our son, The Director and his wife are now expecting!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Ros Crawford said...

Congrats on your baby news!! I love your wall hanging and I'm sure your Granddaughter will adore it! So cute! BTW I love the photo os the store... What a pretty place to shop!

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