Sunday, January 22, 2017

To My Dear One Vintage Valentine Card & Sneak Peeks

The first year we stayed at the condo in Harrisonburg, Virginia, we took a side jaunt into Richmond to visit the Museum of the Confederacy. Back in the day when I had my Civil War book business, we would work in the Richmond area several times a year, so we were quite familiar with all the wonders to behold there. I was anxious to revisit this particular museum as I remembered some of the fascinating artifacts they had on display. As I wandered though the rooms, always behind the Penmaker's pace, I came across a Civil War era Valentine. I included it my post back in 2012 here, after our return home. It was a beauty, and I was amazed that it was handmade with papers not unlike what we are still creating.

Today my valentine card is a combination of old and new. Not as old as that Civil War one, but still vintage. It pops up to form a 3-D card and has that old-time romantic look about it. 

I love the smudges and stains.

I added my old valentine onto a new card base and gave it some modern embellishments. 
I adore this card!
It truly takes me back to another time and some great memories.

Now, Idea-ology Sneak Peeks...

Aren't these items fabulous? I can hardly wait until they start shipping them out.

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