Friday, March 8, 2013

A Christmas Mini Album

If you saw my post
yesterday, you know what to expect today... the Christmas mini I took along on our Smokey Mountain vacation. I received the basic album as a gift from my sister...

and discovered that I could take it apart and peel off the pages one by one... which I did. Now I can create layouts on each and insert them back into the book.

I have to keep it pretty
plain or it will be so thick I won't be able to turn the pages. As it is now, I don't believe I'll use half of these... so I'll be able to make another book using a chipboard cover.
Here I am in my loft space
in our SM cabin working on some pages of our grandchildren...

The view from this
window was amazing. Sometimes it was hard to concentrate on what I was making, but what a magnificent spot to work.

Those green bags on
the table were from Your Scrapbook Superstore. I went shopping there three times this trip. The Penmaker would drop me off and take his Kendle Fire down to the cafe in the Books A Million and wait. He said he got to be just one of the old boys hanging out in there. LOL  My sweetheart is so patient with me, God bless him!

Tracy... note the
bottle of white Flower Soft I bought after seeing what you did with yours.

These are the four
pages I did while at the cabin... I just need to get some tiny alphas to put their names on the tags. I can't seem to find red ones anywhere.

I'll show you more
pages at a later time... projects are piling up that need photographed... yikes! ... and I'm on day six of this sinus headache and dizziness. Must be a record for me... haha!

Thanks for stopping by!


Lisa said...

Your pages are absolutely gorgeous!! And wow, what an amazing place to work!! It looks so peaceful and beautiful!! Happy Friday :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Виктория Наухацкая said...

wonderful project! )) it's so nice to feel X-mas spirit in spring! ))

KraftyKoolKat said...

Gorgeous pages sweetie. That cabin looks awesome.

Have a good weekend.


Tracy said...

Hee hee well I'm glad you found some goodies to buy. That Flowersoft stuff has such a cool effect on projects. Your pages look amazing Linda. Kudos to the Penmaker for being such a patient soul. :-) Hugs!

Ros Crawford said...

Lovely photos and your pages are really amazing ... sorry about your headache ... I guess the air in the mountains was so clear that now you are feeling the change ... it happens to me after I've been in the countryside with my Aunt ...

Linda R said...

That sounds like a fabulous vacation. Shopping at a craft store, Crafting with a gorgeous view. Yep it sure does sound like heaven to me.

Your book looks amazing.


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