Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Your Birthday

Today is my Mother's 90th birthday. 
That's a hard fact for me to accept. How can she be?!!

This is the card I made for her... nearly all of it is from my Floribunda Kit 
from Pixie Dust Paperie. 

The roses are from Etsy shops.

This idea I copied from Cheryl's layout when my background and alphas 
spelling MOM blended together and couldn't be seen inside the ornate plate.

Added a little glitter to the A and a crystal drop to the ornate plate for some sparkle...
because my dear Mom has lots of pazazz!

Here are we three girls outside of Cracker Barrel after the big birthday breakfast 
this morning (my sister is on the right, Mom and me on the left).
Have a Happy Day!
I think my Mom is!


Ros said...

Wow! 90!! and your Mom certainly doesn't look it ... Happy Birthday Lind's Mom! ... Beautiful card I love how you used the papers and elements and the beautiful roses ..

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

OH wow, that is so precious, love the photo of you 3! Happy Birthday to that lady in the middle!!!
Now to your card - this is such a beauty, love how you mix and match the different DP and it turned out gorgeous, I too love that idea of Cheryl, to have that big letter on the ornate plate, maybe I should try one myself! Isn't it great that we could inspired each other? Love the blogland!

Stella said...

It's always lovely to see and read a bit more about you and I LOVE this picture. How wonderful for you that your mother is still doing well ( I assume; she looks healthy and definitely not like a 90-year old lady!)
And your card? WOW! A treasure; you mother will cherish this beauty!

~amy~ said...

You are definitely rockin' that Floribunda Kit!!!!!! Gorgeous! Love the pic too!

lauren bergold said...


holy moly! 90!!!!!!!! i hope i look that fabbbbbulous...and that HAPPY (& healthy!) when i am 90...or 80, even!!! best wishes to that lovely lady and her beautiful daughters, too! ♥♥♥

(ps: sorry i almost forgot THAT AMAZING CARD!!! yeeeeeeeeeowza!!! what a masterpiece, i think you need to finish off the birthday extravaganza with a stop at the fancy framing shop b/c this thing needs to be *DISPLAYED* for sure!!!)

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