Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Extra Grungy Art Journal Pages

Jack, our canine house guest,
must be adapting to living with us, as he has taken to barking at everyone who walks down the street (forget yesterdays comment). Now I don't mean a bow wow... I mean... BWOOW WWOOW! It's amusing to watch grown men run past our yard in panic. And he's such a gentle looking animal!
Today I'm unveiling
the little gem that did this page in. After all the time spent on these pages, I was hoping for a better result... but never-the-less it finished up super grungy...

It started out with
burlap adhered with soft gel medium, a coat of gesso and some stenciling (which I hated and painted over).

I glued on some vintage
ephemera using the soft gel and applying a coat over top.

I mixed some molding paste
with paint and used it with a stencil... but it sunk into the burlap so I ended up smearing it around with my fingers.

Sponged on Vintage Photo DI.

Finished with some random
stamping with Jet Black Archival Ink.

Another learn by your
mistakes project... Paula Phillips calls them floppertunities. Ahhh, I love art journaling!
Hope you all have a good
day and may our southern USA friends stay safe with Isaac dumping tons of water in that area of the country.

Thanks for the visit!

1 comment:

Audrey Pettit said...

Flopportunities! I love that! And love that you are experimenting and playing in your art journal, Linda! I really love how the burlap works on here. What fabulous texture and dimension it adds. Love those vintage images, too.
Jack must be feeling very at home with you that he now feels it's his job to defend the homestead! :)

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