Monday, September 25, 2017

Hand-dyed Wool Pumpkin on Canvas

Happy Monday, Friends!
Another day of heat and sunshine in Ohio... hope you're having the same lovely weather.
And once more a new project!
This time I tried hand-dyed wool on a canvas. Like my clipboard from my last post, I purchased this 6x6 canvas quite some time ago and had it stashed away. To start, I colored it with several blended Distress Inks and filled in that center section that kind of sinks down with two layers of Warm & Natural Needled Cotton Batting.

I cut the pumpkin with Alterations Bigz Pumpkin Jack (retired) and some of my precious hand-dyed wool that I buy here. I pulled out some matching colors of pearl cotton and did rows of backstitching, tucking in some poly stuffing for a little dimension.

Around the pumpkin I did a whip stitch. Next my plan was to do a blanket stitch with the brown pearl cotton, but I realized I had cut the plaid material a little too small. 

I settled for gluing my material to the canvas. Not quite the finished look I wanted, but what I had to settle for.

I decided to add  some metal for a variation in textures.

I loved the look of the filigree antique bronze leaf with the colors of the wools.

In searching through my boxes of metals, I found these two flourishes in the same antique finish. They have a pumpkin vine-look to them... just perfect with my pumpkin, I thought.

Other than that deleted blanket stitch, I'm pretty happy with this project. Seriously though, I may think on this awhile, and see if I can figure out how to pull it off anyway. Any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by!

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