Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Last Of My Five Thank You Cards And Something Fabulous From The Penmaker

I've been a little under the
weather and not able to post until today. So sorry for my absence. I have this last of my five thank cards (begun here) to show you. I just love this part of the Glitz paper background that has this bit of shading.

Now something new from
the Penmaker...

These two are bolt
action bullet pens... the top one is black ash and the mini is a amboyna burl.

This is a knights armor in gemstone.

Also a knights armor in gemstone.

Aero pen component set in a Brooks artisan blank.

One more tidbit...

My daughter-in-law's brother
lives in South Africa. This little guy was running around his bathroom this morning... ugh!!!! Have you ever seen a spider this big?
Have a wonderful Sunday, friends!

Thanks for stopping by!


Ros Crawford said...

Another lovly card and what amazing pens!! They are really something very special!
As for that spider ... I would DIE if I saw that! My son is arachnophobic - he would be hysterical!

Unknown said...

Very nice card with a bird! ) Lovely colors!
Btw, that spider is enormous! o_O

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